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March 2015 The Zombeavers soundtrack album is coming soon from La-La Land Records.
March 2015 Great L.A. Times review for Zombeavers, which also got Ripe Tomatoes from The N.Y. Times, Hollywood Reporter, Seattle Times and Village Voice this week.
March 2015 Zombeavers is the most popular trailer on iTunes besides Game of Thrones.
March 2015 Here is a listing of theaters across the country and VOD outlets that will feature Zombeavers starting on March 20.
March 2015 Zombeavers will have its premiere at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on March 18.
February 2015's "11 Essential Movie Parody Songs of Jon and Al Kaplan."
November 2014 Commando: The Musical reaches one million hits on YouTube.
November 2014 Glowing review of Zombeavers from Aintitcoolnews.
November 2014 Zombeavers U.S. release date set for March 2015.
November 2014 Predator: The Musical included in WOW247's "9 Insane Fan Remakes of Famous Movies."
November 2014 Juliette Danielle (Lisa) tweets The Room: The Opera.
October 2014 Zombeavers is released on Blu-ray in the U.K. and various foreign territories.
September 2014 Dredd: The Musical is covered on,, and
August 2014 Dread Central calls the Zombeavers Theme Song "absolutely brilliant."