Musical Thrones

by Jon and Al Kaplan

From the 2018 National Tour!
Music, lyrics and book by Jon and Al Kaplan

Produced by Right Angle Entertainment (Alison Spiriti, Justin Sudds)
Directed by T.J. Dawe
Thumbnail Image by Chris Sears

Carly Calstrom
Christopher Karbo
Missy Marion
Jim Miller
Oliver Rotunno

Music Director: Dan Ring
Choreography: Hazel Clarke
Casting: Lindsay Brooks
Company Manager: Kahlil Ashanti
Stage Manager: Ronny Pascale
Asst. Stage Manager: Casey Zelhart
Scenic Design: Michael Krauss
Wardrobe: Cassidy Santos

Additional Vocals by:
Jon and Al
Drea Pressley Tischhauser
Stephanie Koenig
Marla Mindelle
Alaine Kashian

All music © 1996 - 2019 Jon & Al Kaplan. All rights reserved.

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