Read what the folks are saying about Predator: The Musical:

"Who knew Predator could inspire brilliant tunes?...[a] dramatic masterpiece..." —Drew Grant,

"It sounds like something Trey Parker and Matt Stone might write in one of their more inspired moments." —Russ Fischer,

"Predator: The Musical (yes, really) could teach Spidey a few things."
—Marc Bernardin,

"Marvel at the singing talents of Dillon, Mac and Billy! LOL at the hilarious lyrics! Stand in awe at the greatest musical scream this side of Phantom of the Opera! And weep if this is truly the last Schwarzenegger musical to come from the Kaplans, because if the world needs more of anything, it's this." —

"Deserves every ounce of viral success that it gets."
—Neil Miller,

"The Austrian with the million-dollar voice never really got a chance to sing in his movies until now, thanks to the geniuses Jon and Al Kaplan (music and lyrics) some kind of Stephen Sondheim/Jim Henson meets '80s action star alternate reality."
Brandon Kim,

"Jon and Al, who have done this before, both respect the source material and reimagine it in a way that adds pathos, humor, and a catchy Broadway sheen to one of the defining achievements in the action movie canon." —

"It is every bit as wonderful as we've dreamed of..."
—Rob Bricken,


"Today's number one item (#1 on Around the Net)."
—Kevin Pereira, Attack of the Show

"[Al] Kaplan does such a good impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it's probably worth the price of admission by itself." —Logan Westbrook,

"Once you sample this 100% pure slice of awesome, it will be jammed in your head for the entire day and then some."
—Uncle Creepy,

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