Read what the folks are saying about Terminator 2: The Opera:

"You loved the Conan The Barbarian: The Musical, now behold the singing Schwarzenegger's Terminator 2: The Opera!, which takes us deeper into the psyche of a decommissioned Terminator." —io9

"Yes, they're both from the guys behind the Total Recall and Conan musicals. Yes, they're fantastic. Don't... don't hit play yet. Just sit with me and savor it for a while. It's not like these things come out every day, and we're getting two at once? [Terminator 2 and RoboCop] Incredible."
—Rob Bricken,

"Never in my life have I witness(ed) such uncanny brilliance."

"If hearing Peter Weller and Nancy Allen perform "Murphy It's You" doesn't make you crack a smile, then Arnold Schwarzenegger's mournful lament of his human overlords no doubt will.... If neither do, then you, good sir or madame, are the robot."
—Peter Hall,

"Who knew the Terminator was so musically gifted?"
—Alison Haislip, Attack of the Show 

"Nothing short of amazing." —

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