Read what the folks are saying about Zombeavers:

“I loved every DAM minute of Zombeavers!”
—Ambush Bug, Ain’t It Cool News

“Paced well and never overplaying its hand, Zombeavers knows when to shock, when to bemuse and when to go for the rimshot…. This is a satire that knows when to surprise.”
—Tom Keogh, seattletimes.com

“They had me at the title.” —Frank Scheck, hollywoodreporter.com

“Tailor made for an endless run of late night screenings.”
—Brent McKnight, giantfreakinrobot.com

“Abundant but cheesy gore, a frenetic pace and a self-amused air from the filmmakers pervade the proceedings.”
—Andy Webster, nytimes.com

“I was pleasantly surprised at (don't laugh) how smart the movie was.” —Jason Adams, joblo.com

“If you dig cheesy horror with old school effects then you have to check out the brilliance of Zombeavers and pray that this is not the last time we will get to see this side of nature unleashed.”
—Bobby Blakey, examiner.com

Zombeavers is the mutant love child of horror specialist Troma, early Peter Jackson, Japanese kaiju flicks and Canadian television sketch comedies—a film that disgusts, terrifies and tickles in equal measure with grotesque creatures and a sickening sense of humor.”
—Martin Tsai, latimes.com

“The old-school charm combined with real wit, a reasonably sharp script and lots of gory goodness make for a memorable and often hilarious movie.” —Rob Hunter, filmschoolrejects.com

“It feels like it totally belongs in the early 70s alongside genre classics Willard (1971), Frogs (1972), and The Food of the Gods (1976).” —Dr. Zaius, geeksofdoom.com

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