Read what the folks are saying about the Zombeavers score:

“Thanks to the Zombeavers theme song, a generation finally has its anthem.” —Rob Dean, avclub.com

“Surprisingly cohesive, with an organic flow characteristic of a seasoned master…. An absolute blast to listen…. It’s fresh, vibrant, ballsy and badass.” —Scorekeeper, birthmoviesdeath.com

“The Zombeavers Theme Song is just perfect.”
—Jonathan Barkan, bloody-disgusting.com

“Delightful…the music of the Kaplan brothers is honest and strangely addictive. One of the nicest surprises of 2015 so far.” 
—Mihnea Manduteanu, soundtrackdreams.com

“It proceeds with a surprising amount of style, from the Saul Bass-inspired title sequence all the way to the Sinatra pastiche over its closing credits." —Rob Staeger, villagevoice.com

“Fun from start to finish…. A wonderful little homage to the 80s horror scores.” —Jorn Tillnes, soundtrackgeek.com


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