Read what the folks are saying about Silence! The Musical:

"Hey, your stuff is great! I laughed a lot.... Great to see two funny guys writing funny shows. Not to mention very nice music!" —Bobby Lopez, The Book of Mormon, Avenue Q co-composer and co-lyricist

"Cannibalism is deliciously served up in this tuneful and crass re-telling of Silence of the Lambs." —Entertainment Weekly's Must List

"Silence! is golden!" —Variety

"A wonderful piece of art, most of which we can't play for you on television." —Alison Haislip, Attack of the Show

"I love your site and will eventually purchase a copy of your musical..." —Craig Safan, composer, The Last Starfighter and Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

"['Put the Fucking Lotion in the Basket'] is your 'Welcome to the Jungle''s fantastic." —Jim Norton, The Opie & Anthony Show

"The show is total genius...I would love to be involved in its representation, and to help you with this show's future." 
—Buddy Thomas, ICM

"Terrible (and vulgar)." 
—Rob Kendt, The New York Times

"A negative review in The New York Times is the kiss of death." 
—Buddy Thomas, ICM, in his final correspondence with us

"Hearing 'If I Could Smell Her Cunt' being sung on stage... well it might bring a tear to my eye!" 
—Harry Knowles, 

"The tunes are plenty catchy too." 
MAXIM Magazine

"The score is at its best when the lyrics are at their most scatological. Words that some may find objectionable are used selectively and intelligently for the best comic punch...'If I Could Smell Her Cunt,' the first solo for Lecter, is a classic example of a character introduction song, expressing the lonely prisoner's desire for the slightest bit of connection with another human being." 
—Michael Dale,

"Pure fucking genius...I'm pissed off you guys are not rich yet." 
—Jim McKeever, composer, Scare Tactics

"I work for Appian Way, Leonardo DiCaprio's production company. I love Silence! and was wondering if there was any representation I should contact?" —John Zaozirny, Appian Way

"We are mostly very impressed." —Uncle David

"...a hilarious mismatch of genres. Beautifully orchestrated and lushly produced, Silence! The Musical is a wonderfully realized 20-minute retelling of Clarice Starling's serial killer adventures." 

"...a trippy, jaw-dropping, and above all impressive howler of a CD that's worth owning…" —Ryan Rotten,

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