Read what the folks are saying about Silence! The Musical Off Broadway:

"Pungent, punchy and raunchy, with a sheepish chorus to boot, the consummately silly Silence! will leave you stuffed and wanting mutton more." —David Cote, Time Out New York

"One of the most tender love songs currently heard on a New York stage is sung by a cannibalistic killer. Its title can't be repeated here, and you won't be hearing it covered by Harry Connick Jr. anytime soon. But "I Want to Smell Your C---" is one of the highlights of Silence! The Musical, the vivaciously vulgar musical spoof of The Silence of the Lambs.... As reverential of its source material as it is gleefully subversive, Silence! is a hell of a lot funnier than it has a right to be." —Frank Scheck, NY Post

"An exuberantly gross spoof.... As crooned with fine ardor by the Broadway veteran Brent Barrett, his robust voice caressing every expletive, ["If I Could Smell Her Cunt" is] a hilarious takedown of the soaring ballads in bloated British musicals of the 1980s." —Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

"Brothers Jon and Al Kaplan have written a grand score that’s high-spirited and zany." —Philip Boroff,

"...A marvelously twisted farce that both celebrates and skewers the tale of Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling, with mostly hysterical results.... What sets Silence! apart from being another movie parody is the magical combination of Hunter Bell's quick-witted book, Jon and Al Kaplan's plot-propelling and so-sick-they’re-amusing songs, the winning ensemble cast, and Christopher Gattelli's clever direction and choreography. Silence! has all the makings of a cult hit that deserves to delight audiences for some time." —Scott Harrah,

"...Once the company, dressed all in black except for the floppy lambs' ears on their heads and the white tube socks with plastic hooves that cover their hands have assembled to sing the show's opening number a terrific variation on Howard Shower's main theme for the film—there's laughter aplenty." 
—Andy Propst,

"The 1991 classic horror movie Silence of the Lambs screams a lot of things. 'Musical comedy' is not the first that jumps to mind. In a flourishing return to New York, Jon and Al Kaplan's raucously funny theatrical tribute, Silence! The Musical, is doing all it can to change that.... The strength of Silence! is in its clever, catchy songs and well-rounded cast...the only scary thing about this show is how consistently amusing its goofy brand of humor is. —Peter Santilli, Associated Press

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