Read what the folks are saying about Silence! The Musical in London:

"****. Totally crack-pot, yet brilliantly hysterical parody of the multi Oscar-winning movie."
—Carole Gordon,

"The show reminds us that...comedy lightening can still strike when you least expect it."
—Alexandra Carey,

"****. Uproariously funny and jaw-droppingly outrageous in equal measures, and chances are you will never again see anything quite like it."
—Clare Webb,

"Outrageous lyrics and phrasing set in a catchy score..." 

"There won't be a tune you remember once you've left the theatre." 
—Tracy Sinclair,

"...rollicking numbers and loads of laugh out loud moments..."

"'I'd F**k Me' is probably the highlight of the show."

"On the lyric side there is as much wit as there is profanity, and some delightful irony." 
—Sandra Giorgetti,

"Whatever musicals hit the London stage during the rest of this year, I can't imagine one that is going to be more enjoyable than 'Silence!'" 
—Michael Darvell,

"A sublimely rude evening...Don't miss it." 
—Rich Cline,

"The reason [the show] has managed to evolve in this way, is the cleverness of the songs and the obvious enthusiasm that the writers have for their material." 


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